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For those wanting to buy male sex toys in the UK we recommend LoveHoney as your best option. At LoveHoney you can search for male sex toys in every category, from cock rings to sex dolls. You will get the best prices in the UK at LoveHoney, and they are usually the first to have the very latest sex toys imported from Japan or the USA. Shop with peace of mind at LoveHoney, the fastest delivery and the safest guarentees.

Tenga Flip Hole Black UK

The Tenga Flip Hole Black is now available in the UK with Love Honey selling it for only £79.99 This means that despite the advance upon the original Tenga Flip Hole, the new black edition is only £10 more expensive. Whats different about the new Flip Hole? Not only is the Flip Hole Black even more stylish and sleek than it’s famous predecessor, it also has a different interior, yet more complex and delicate than the original for new and deeper sexual masturbatory pleasure for men. The Tenga Flip Hole Black IS the latest word in men’s sex toys – buy the Flip Hole Black from Love Honey for only £79 now.

Hannah Harper Realistic Inflatable Sex Doll

hannah-harperHannah Harper Sex Doll (£199)
A beautiful realistic pornstar sex doll can be yours for under £200. This is one of the most lifelike inflatable sex dolls ever made. Hannah has realistic perky tits with real feel nipples, an ultra-realistic pussy and ass, a detailed and pretty 3D face, and even a 360 degree rotatable arms that allow you to experiment with various positions.

Marc Dorcel Beaded Silicone Cock Ring

marc dorcel ringMarc Dorcell Silicone Ring (£7.99)

A stretchy silicone ring from legendary porn figure Marc Dorcell.

Made from 9 beads, the ring can stretch twice to it’s starting size and should fit any guy.  Will enhance and prolong either masturbation or love making with a partner.

Kimmi Lovecok Love Doll

Kimmi Lovecok Love DollKimmi Lovecok Inflatable Realistic Love Doll – £119,99

The Kimmi Lovecok is probably the most realistic inflatable love doll in the world.  Until recently, you had to spend thousands of dollars on an American or Japanese RealDoll to enjoy such realistic doll sex.  With the advent of plush dolls (see post below) and new 3D forming techniques it seems that cheaper, more affordable dolls, are now quickly gaining in realism.  The beautifully realistic skin toned face, with it’s gorgeous blonde hair and hauntingly real blue eyes, actually looks better than the picture of the real porn star on the box.  Who would ever have thought this possible with an inflatable adult doll costing little more than a hundred pounds?

Not only is the face realistic, but the breasts and nipples feel like the real thing too, whilst the authentic vagina and anus, made from exquisite Love Clone material, will keep you satisfied for years.  Affordable, realistic love dolls have arrived.

See also the similarly realistic Carol Coxx Luxury Love Doll by the same makers at the same price.

Eva Angelina Vibrating Pussy

Eva Angelina Vibrating Pussy AssEva Angelina Vibrating Pussy & Ass – £129.99

Ever wanted a piece of a top porn star?  The best piece?  To fuck and to use as you wish, whenever you want?  Well, that’s exactly what you get when you buy this realistic pussy and ass that has been carefully modelled on adult actress Eva Angelina. This male sex toy actually vibrates you into a sensational orgasm – whether you’re pounding her luscious lipped pussy, or her tight little asshole.

Unlike many cheaper ‘pussy and ass’ sex toys, the pussy and anus of Eva Angelina have two seperate cavities – so it really does feel like you are fucking both her pussy and ass.

LoveHoney stock a wide range of other vibrating pussy ass sex toys.

Naughty Boy Prostate Massager

Naughty Boy Prostate MassagerNaughty Boy Prostate Massager – £39.99

The Naughty Boy is a slimmed down version of the infamous Rude Boy prostate stimulator, meaning it’s an ideal choice if you’re new to the delights of male prostate play.

The Naughty Boy will stimulate both the prostate and perineum at the same time, quietly but powerfully.  If you’ve only ever used penis masturbators like the Fleshlight or Tenga, you should definitely give the Naughty Boy a chance to show you just how intense prostate stimulation can feel.

Raven Riley Fleshlight UK

Raven Riley Fleshlight UK
Raven Riley Fleshlight Girl UK – £62.99

I fell in love with Raven Riley’s exotic good looks a long time ago, so when I recieved her Fleshlight in the post from LoveHoney last week, I felt like somebody about to fuck the unattainable dream girl he’s admired and fantasised about for so long.

I wasn’t disappointed.

This is already my favourite Fleshlight girl and in my opinion, the pleasure induced whilst sliding this little beauty over my cock was as intense as the Tenga Flip Hole – and I LOVE that sex toy.  And beautiful, the Raven Riley Fleshlight is.  The pussy lips look so pretty and realistic that I’ve even enjoyed fingering and licking them. 

This Fleshlight comes with a signed photo of Raven herself if you need any more help in making the most of fucking this toy.  Personally, I have a large collection of Raven Riley photos and videos gathered together, and fucking her Fleshlight whilst viewing them makes up for a truly intense and realistic sexual experience.

A highly recommended Fleshlight Girl with the superb Lotus interior.

How to buy RealTouch from the UK and Europe

RealTouch, the amazing new virtual sex toy, is still not available to buy direct from customers outside of the USA.  However, it is possible to have your slice of the virtual sex pie by signing up to an American website that will give you a USA delivery address which you can use to order the RealTouch to your home address in the UK or Europe.

1/ Sign up for an account at or  Registration is quick and free and you will be given an American delivery address.

2/ Order the RealTouch for $199 (around £125) using your American delivery address.

3/ You should be enjoying virtual sex with the pornstar of your choice within a week!

Tenga Flip Hole UK

Tenga Flip HoleTenga Flip Hole Male Masturbators – £69 – £79

The Tenga Flip Hole is a revolutionary men’s sex toy from Japan that is finally available to buy in the UK.  It simply takes masturbation to a point where your girlfriend needs to worry.  No disrespect to your gf or wife, but there is no way her pussy can compete with this thing.  Unlike most male masturbators such as the Fleshlight, Tenga didn’t set out simply to make a ‘next best thing’ sex toy that mimicked the female vagina.  They’ve simply gone for creating a toy that will do things to your penis that you have never, ever experienced before. 

If you think I’m just hyping this thing up, read the dozens of glowing customer reviews at Love Honey.  In fact, you’ll rarely see a bad comment about the Flip Hole anywhere.  This is a toy that lives up to the hype and more.  If you have never bought a male sex toy, then this would be a good place to start.  There are already two different versions of the Flip Hole, a white edition and an updated black version.  There are plans for more on the way, and I can tell you that my penis can’t wait.